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Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo

Today we decided to take the Scenic Drive up the coast to La Jolla. This included a stop at the Navy Pier where the USS Midway is docked. We were interested in exploring the area around the pier and will save the Midway tour for another day. Next to the Midway is a larger than life (around 30ft) statue of the WWII sailor kissing the nurse at the end of the war. It's remarkable. Next to that is a patio where a life-size statue of Bob Hope "entertains the troops" (about 15 statues of soldiers hanging on every word). His recorded voice plays on the PA in a continuous loop complete with laughter. From the patio you can look out over the bay...beautiful !

Another stop on this drive was the Cabrillo National Monument. This commemorates the landing of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in the 1500s. He is believed to be the first European to set foot on the west coast. The displays are educational but the view is breathtaking. It is high on a cliff overlooking the Naval Air Station and the bay. You can look out and watch the ships and planes going in and out of the harbor...wonderful!

From there the drive goes north along beaches and quaint villages. At some point we lost the Scenic Drive and ended up going through several stop lights and congested streets but I would still call it scenic. After a few missed turns we finally found our way to La Jolla and the Birch Aquarium. This was a nice aquarium, but I must admit, we have been spoiled by the Atlanta Aquarium which is spectacular. The museum which is part of the Birch was dedicated to explaining the science and harmful effects of global warming. This too overlooks the Pacific and was grand.

Overall this was a great trip with fantastic scenery.

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