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Borg Eltz (Eltz Castle) in the hillsides above the Mosel River,


Castle on the Rhine

More castles on the Rhine, owned by rival brothers

Mountain biked to this view point overlooking the Rhine

Inside of huge cathedral in Koln (Cologne)

Outside of Cologne cathedral

Lubeck, Germany, old gate to town

Richard auditions as an underwear model

We left Denmark by ferry across the Baltic Sea to northern Germany. We camped at a beach resort which had a very large section of clothing optional. Unfortunately, most of the nudes were over weight and older, not a pretty sight. We chose to sunbathe on the family side of the beach.

We spent one day in the city of Cologne (Koln) where cologne water was actually invented. The big attraction in Cologne is the cathedral. It is huge! Every inch of the outside has something carved with huge spires and towers. The inside is just as dramatic with enough stained glass to cover a football field. It took over 600 years to build this cathedral.

Next on our journey was the Rhine river valley. The part we toured is a very popular tourist destination with lots of people traveling on river cruise boats. The valley is fairly narrow with steep sides . Grape vines are planted on the steep walls. There are giant castles dotting the hillsides. Some are ruins, some are now hotels, and some are historic attractions that can be visited. We took a boat trip from the village of Boppard to Bacharach and then bicycled back along a bike path that follows the river. We cycled through quaint German villages that were filled with tourists. We stopped at the Rheinfels Castle that is now a ruin. It was built around 1245 but later captured and blown up by Napolean. This area of the Rhine river valley was also inhabited by the Romans and there are still standing ancient roman ruins dating back to 500 BC. I don't think our houses will still be standing that far in the future. Flowing into the Rhine is the Mosel river which we drove along for a few hours. This river valley also has many castles on the hillsides. We toured the Eltz Castle. This is a very well preserved castle with original furniture, artifacts, wall coverings, etc. dating back to 15th century. Descendants of the original owners still own the castle. It looked like a fairy tale castle. We are now "castled out" and are taking a break from castle touring!

We have just posted some new pictures under Sweden and Copenhagen.

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