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"Louisa's walk" actors - Hobart

Louisa in her prison clothes

Our wine tour transport - Adelaide

Helen ready for the first wine tasting

Nigel ready for the second wine tasting

Helen finds a new job serving behind the bar

Probably the oldest Shiraz grapes in the world!

What do you call a group of wine tasters?

Colonel William Light, Adelaide city planner

The botanical gardens

The Lilly pad house

Lilly pads

A rather large palm tree

A rather large palm tree again!

The conservatory

A bit of Aboriginal art

The cycling "Tour down under" comes to town

We have updated the journal a little earlier than usual so that the tour map reflects our trip to Adelaide.

When we last left you we were recovering from the overland track and had a spare day in Hobart,Tasmania.

We had searched the Internet looking for something we hadn't done before.

We wanted something that would be unusual, educational and fun and found it in "Louisa's walk" which is a street theatre production using the local streets, parks and the historical women's factory. (for factory read prison).

The two hour walk took us through the real life events of the deportation of an Irish woman who had stolen a loaf of bread in London. She was separated from her 3 children and sentenced to serve 7 years imprisonment in Tasmania and as in good Hollywood tradition it had a happy ending with Louisa serving her time and marrying a local brewery manager. (Photo's)

The following day we spent traveling between Tasmania and the mainland. This involved two short flights both of about an hour. The first was from Hobart to Melbourne, after a spot of lunch we caught a second that had us eventually arriving in Adelaide and transferring to the city centre YHA in the early evening.

By coincidence, the 'Tour Down Under' cycle race is currently being staged around Adelaide which seems to have caused half the city population to don Lycra - not always a pretty sight!

On Wednesday we went on a wine tour of the Barossa valley, luckily the bush fires had stopped and the temperature had reduced.

We had a group of 14 with mixed nationalities, ages and gender.

Our tour involved a coach ride out from the city, a history lesson on the creation of winemaking in the area and most importantly visits to four vineyards for the tasting of a total of 25 wines. We also had a whole glass of a very nice Shiraz with lunch which involved a platter of bread, cheese's and meats.

During our visit to the Barossa valley we were lucky enough to drive over the original Jacobs creek and visit probably the oldest live vine of Shiraz grapes in the world (Photo)

By the time we were heading back to the city nearly all of us were feeling the effects of the wine and had a snooze in the coach. (Photo's)

Today is Thursday 23rd January and we had a later start than usual (probably wine induced). We have spent a day sightseeing in Adelaide. We went to a hill just outside the main city centre that was supposed to give you a really good view of the city, unfortunately they have been upgrading the Adelaide Oval cricket ground and this has now obscured the view. We did see the statue of Colonel William Light who planned Adelaide's grid system (photo). We took a stroll to the botanical gardens which were compact and probably only beaten by Singapore's which were amazing. The gardens in Adelaide had a wide selection of trees, a monster palm tree in a very special conservatory (photo) and a fine Lilly house (photo)

To finish the days activities we took in two museums and enjoyed the aboriginal displays and the displays on Australian migration including the £10 poms.

Its just an observation, but we have noticed during our travels recently that the Australian nation has a particular liking for pickled Beetroot! It may just be a Southern thing as it first came to our attention whilst eating "The works" burger in Tasmania, next during adverts for the "Australian burger" which has a slice of beetroot and seems to be McDonald's efforts to feed the masses on Australia Day (26th January) and lastly as a side pickle during our wine tasting lunch.

Tomorrow we will be hiring a car and starting our trip heading towards Melbourne and our last state in Australia,Victoria.

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