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Garden of the Day August 1

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Parade 5 (see the wooden shoes)

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Selling Eggs in the Market

August 1,2 & 3 2012

Todays ago, we ventured out from Barneveld by heading back to the Veluwe National Park (20,000 acres). We rode to the Kroller-Mueller Museum and Sculpture Garden (about 100 acres), which is located in this National Park.

Mrs. Kroller-Mueller who was the daughter of a successful German Industrialist collected about 11,500 art pieces. She married a Dutch Businessman. When the Family Company fell on hard times in the 1920s-1930s and there was a chance that they were going to lose everything (including the Estate, which is now the Veluwe National Park), she donated her entire collection to the Dutch State on the condition that it would build a Museum to house the collection. The Museum was built in 1939. She was a Van Gogh fan—her collection had 91 paintings and 180 works on paper by Van Gogh. Besides Van Gogh, her collection included: Monet’s Picasso’s and Rodin sculptures.

Below is one of the highlighted paintings by Van Gogh in the Museum. It is the Pale du Forum painted in 1888 and depicts an illuminated café in the South of France on a hot sultry summer’s evening.

Another Van Gogh painting that was featured was the Bridge at Arles:

It was very impressive when you were facing it in the Gallery.

The Sculpture Garden (is one of the largest in Europe) – it has about 160 sculptures. The Floating Sculpture that is above—was designed for the actual pond in the Sculpture Garden.

Although we only biked 54 KMS (1850 calories) it was very hot (30ish) and both of us were too weary to bike today---I have tallied up the KMs and I think as of August 1, we have biked 1544 KMs, we are just about wore out.

So, we spent the day in Barneveld. We first attended an outdoor market---it was huge and included a parade with a Band and then many people following the Band as Villagers in full historic costumes (including wooden shoes). The Parade wound itself through the narrow streets that were crammed with the outdoor market.

We then attended a massive outdoor Home and Garden Show. Besides the actual vendors, it included many exhibitions: blacksmithing, model boating; farm equipment and actual operating farm machinery.

Lastly, we spent a number of hours watching the Olympics—as you can imagine, BBC is doing quite a job. We are enjoying the BBC announcers with their English “cheeky” comments.

We actually biked 70 KMs today (August 3) and I will report on the day’s event in the next blog. Speaking of the next blog, we may not be able to send another blog until Monday when we travel to Amsterdam—we are at the mercy of the Library’s hours of operation.

Library is closing –will be back in a few days.

Al & Sue

PS I note that when I moved my blog from WORD to the blog site the 2 pics that I downloaded did move--you will have to google the 2 pics.

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