Kathy and Dale's Mount Rushmore (etc) trip travel blog

Dale's first house

His dad built the garange

elementary school


town square in plymouth


it is really more of a triangle


The Penn Theater

We think the fountain is where the band stand used to be


the thing to the right of the theater is the stage where...

Last stop is Plymouth Michigan which is right outside of Detroit. We camped at Hass Lake, a county campground. There are 5 lakes and 475 campsites. It was very nice. Most of the campers are seasonal.

We finally caught up with the heat wave. Most nights we have slept with the windows open, and with a blanket-several nights we needed more than one. Not any more.

We found the house, the elementary school, the town square, and the house they bought right before moving to Baltimore. Lots was just the same, and of course lots and lots was different. The park across the street a neighborhood now. Half the roads in the neighborhood are still dirt. Patty Gardener cracked her head open when she head butted a rock-and the rock is still there. The house the "flag man" lived in is still the same. He was the neighbor who collected flags and gave them a Md. flag when they moved to Md. The Penn theater is still there where Dale saw his first movie-The Flower Drum Song". It is being remodeled but is still showing movies. It is reopening Aug 4th-they will be playing ET. The bandstand is now a fountain, but there is a stage where they still do concerts in the square. Trains are still using the tracks across the lake from the house. Dale says the old house looks just the way he remembers it.

We didn't do any touristing in Detroit. We had thought about going to the Detroit zoo which is suppose to be really special-but a humid 103 degree day didn't sound like the day to do it.

We are headed home next. It will take 2 days to get there.

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