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The entrance to Victoria falls national park



Water from the waterfalls rise to the sky on the other side...






A curiosity we find in a shop: Up until a couple of...

From Lusaka we take our very last 6 hour African bus that takes 8 hours down to Livingstone, Zambia. Again our trip starts with a loud and passionate preacher that no doubt warns all the passengers to love their neighbours. Only this time we are also treated to some full volume gospel music follwed by a full volume video of the life and death of Jesus translated (very loudly) into Nyanja. The conductor comes around to collect the tickets and i ask as politely as i can possibly muster if it isnt possible to turn the volume of this holy rendition down just a litle. Not possible. In Livingstone we eat pizza at an Italian restaurant that helps run an educational program for orphaned or unfortunate youths. We express interest in the progam and the owner invites us to come and take a look the next morning. He drives us out to the center where they have a series of workshops and classrooms. The workshops hire fully qualified adults to make products which they sell: woodwork, furniture, clothing etc. Then all the profits are used to pay to run the educational program. Students between the age of 15 and 25 can enroll free of charge into the 1-2 year programs that include: tailoring, plumbing, computers, carpentry, brick laying and catering. An absolutely fantastic program for young kids with little to no means to get an excellent education in a skill that will really help them. In addition, the grounds are open at all times to the general public that can come and use the basket ball courts and the only public library in Livingstone. After a quick tour, we head off to Victoria Falls. We scoff at the guys renting out rain jackets and umbrellas by the entrance as the sky is blue and not a cloud in sight. But these, we find out, are necessary for the intense amount of spray from the falls, not the weather! What is so impressive about Victoria Falls is how long they are and how close you can get. The walkway, only 100m away on the opposite cliff, sits at the same height as the drop off point where the water crashes over the edge. So you walk not far from the rim and try to see down into the depths but its all a big mess of white foam. And the falls just stretch on forever it seems: as if 100 seperate waterfalls have all been joined up together in a long line. The area along the walkway is lovely and green from all the constant water and we walk over a slippery bridge getting absolutely soaked and laughing at the force of the water threatening to blow our umbrellas away. Its a lovely refreshing walk in the midday heat.

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