Mark and Jo's Oz & Asia Trip 2005 travel blog

Jo & Mark in the Botanical Gardens, Singapore

Orchid Garden - Singapore

Raffles - not our accomodation sadly!

Jo outside M&S - Singapore

Hawker Stalls in Chinatown, Singapore

We arrived in Singapore fairly late after an 8 hour flight from Sydney. We hot footed it to our accommodation, the rather salubrious Cozy Corner. Cosy it was not. The room had no window so felt more like a prison cell. It was also above a number of restaurants, one of which smelled like it was serving sewage! Hey ho, at least the room was air conditioned and in the heat of Singapore, that was a major plus for the place!

Other than that though, Singapore must be the cleanest place on the planet! Chewing gum is pretty much impossible to buy in Singapore and the chewy sweets just aren't the same. It's a very fast moving place too, even the escalators seem to be double paced! Very western really especially compared with the other places we have since visited...

Saturday, our first day in Singapore, we went to the botanical gardens and the orchid gardens. We never realized just how many varieties of orchid there were... not that we'd lost any sleep thinking about it prior to our arrival in Singapore. We then headed to Orchard Road for some shopping. On the map, it looked close but it took us 45 minutes to walk. Not that long really, but with humidity of around ninety percent, we were soon wishing we'd got in a cab. First stop on the shopping streets was Marks and Spencer so that Jo could get some new underwear! That job complete, we ambled through the shops looking at all the things we would buy if only we hadn't overspent in Oz and New Zealand. Singaporeans seem to know how to shop - there are over 100 shopping malls!

After the shops, we went to the Hawker Centre in Chinatown for some lunch. Our first of many, many, many meals served with rice! We had a look around Chinatown including a couple of temples, one of which, strangely for Chinatown, was a Hindu temple. After that we went to meet up with some friends from Oz who were kicking their heals in Singapore waiting for Indian visas. As soon as we left the skank hole, the heavens opened so we did the only thing we could do in such circumstances... we headed into the first bar we saw.

Our second and final day in Singapore, we went to look at how the "other half" live in Singapore; we went to Raffles. We actually only looked from the outside but we have promised ourselves a sling or two when we go back to Singapore in June. We spent the afternoon doing some more sightseeing down by the river. That evening we again met up with Claire and Darren, our friends from Oz, and this time wandered around Little India. The place was mayhem, and strangely full of blokes and very few, if any, women. We had a pretty good Indian curry then a few beers.

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