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When I arrived in Madrid Spain, the minute I walked off the plain it felt like 100 pounds lifted off my body. It was such a releif to be out of Egypt and in Europe. I walked out and decided just to get a taxi and not full with the metro or with taking a bus. It was another releife to see a meter on the taxi. No hasseling for a price and men begging you to take there cab, that they have the best deal. The taxi driver didnt speak to me the whole way which was fine with me. It cost me 50é which was ALOT but at that point it really didnt fase me, I was just glad to be at my hostel.

The hostel is in the heart of Madrid and the house reminded me of the row homes in NY City. The elevator didnt work so I had to walk up three flights of stairs to get to the front desk. It was a very nice place with a funky decor. I booked an all female dorm room because I didnt even want to see a man at this point. Setteled in and decided to go for a walk because I wanted to buy a phone. While I was walking around I got that feeling back, the wonderful feeling I was having about traveling and living my dream. It was nice to know that I still had it and didnt let Egypt bring me down. When I came back I met two girls from America that were staying in my room. We decided to go out and have a drink and try out the tapas. Unfortently I didnt eat becasue I had stuffed myself with Mc Donalds when I went on my walk. Dont ask me why I ate Mc Donalds when I'm in Spain but all I can think is that I just wanted some comfort food. I did have a glass of wine with the girls along with some good conversation. It was a nice relaxing night.

Next day I slept in and then went to buy a phone. I ended up buying a cheap phone and a mini computer. It turned out to be cheaper then to buy a phone that could get internet access. Went walking around the city and did some exploring. Explored the streets and did lots of window shopping. Came across a deli that you order at the counter and eat standig up at the counter. I got a Jamon and cheese baguett sandwhich with a glass of wine for 1.50é. This place ended up to be my favorite place! Its funny cause you see people at these places, its noon time and there drinking beer or wine. It seems they dont drink to get drunk here, they just enjoy a drink with there snack. I also found the palace but the line was rally long to get in and you had to pay 8é so I took some pitures and was on my way. That night I decided to go on a Pub Crawl. You pay a flat fee of 10é and they take you to 4 bars with a free drink/shot at each and at the end you end up at a club where you dont have to pay to get in or wait in line. The club we went to was the biggest club in Europe and it really was BIG with 7 floors! I met some great people and had a blast.

I had only booked two nights at the hostel because I wasnt quite sure what my plan was. I decided I wanted to see more of Madrid and plus I hadnt made any plans on my next move. The hostel was fully booked so I had to move hostels. I called a taxi, again to lazy to look where it was and figure out how to get there. Drove around and paid 8é. Later on I realized on one of my walks that the hostels were only a few blocks away from each other. The taxi driver must have drove me around laughing to himself thinking what a dum tourist I am.

This hostel is one of the biggest hostels I have ever been in. It is in an 18th century building with a courtyard in the middle that has a stainglass window roof. There was no kitchen so your forced to eat out. It was really really busy but was an ok place. The first two days that I was there I really didnt do anything. On the third day I was sitting in the bar area on my computer and over heard a group of people talking about the night they had. They were cracking jokes and making me laugh at what they were saying. They seemed like a fun group to hang out with. I sat there and realized that I was moping around, being a hobbit and not enjoying Madrid. All I did was turn around and smile at them and I got an invitation to go out with them that night. We all met up at 7pm, went to have some tapas and sangria which were yummy and then went out for the night. Had a great night and ended up hanging with this crew for my remaining days in Madrid.

This was the first place I have been where nobody speaks english. I am very disapointed in myself for not knowing spanish. I live in a city where almost everyone speaks spanish, all my boyfriends have spoke spanish and I know nothing! It is very frustrating not being able to comunicate and I look like such a tourist shuffeling through my spainsh dictanary for words lol. I am getting better though and told myself when I get back home I am taking spanish classes. I really enjoyed Madrid, the narrow streets and all the people shopping and eating. it is a buetiful city and lots of fun.

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