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We stayed just outside of Lincoln City along the Siletz River, we should never have stayed at that campsite and they should not have taken our money and warned us, as after the first night the campsite started to flood and as you can see from the pictures we were getting surrounded by water, so after we woke up after the second night we got hitched up got a refund and left. When I was in the office getting the refund he showed me pictures from other years where the campsite looked like a lake. You live and learn. We were paddling as we hitched up.

While at Lincoln City lovely beaches and in between the showers got photo's of the Sea Lions and Pelicans,while on the beach the heavens opened with heavy rain and hail, by the time we ran back to the Truck we were soaked through.

We also drove to Depoe just down the coast where they have a Whale Watching place, not that we saw any but there had been 1 in the bay that morning, they start migrating soon so we should hopefully see some.

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