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Japanese Tori Gate Made Of Red Paper Floating In Beacon Hill Pond

A Very Creative Dragon's Head

Some People Go To Elaborate Preparations For The Festival

This Child Seems Enthralled With The Action

A First Nations Village On A Quiet Pond - Too Bad This...

A Lovely Shot Of A Very Simple Lantern

This Young Boy Watches A Performance By Dancers

Stilt Walker

A Lantern Against The Tori Gate Reflection

A Spirit Bear Awaits Salmon At The End Of The 'Run'

The Lanterns Were Even More Dramatic Once It Was Dark



Can you believe that I didn't take my camera with me to Luminara 2008, a wonderful lantern festival held each summer in Beacon Hill Park? I have had such limited luck taking photos at night without a tripod. What I didn't realize is that there would be tons of opportunities to take great photos before it was totally dark.

I searched the internet and found these photos taken by other people. They made these images available to the public so hopefully they won't mind that I am using them to give you an idea of the beauty of the festival. If we are back here next year, you can be sure I will take my camera with me and try and capture so of the things I missed photographing this year. Thanks to Adia and Geoff for telling us about this wonderful event.

Edmonton, are you listening? Here's another opportunity to add another festival to your long list of summer events. The children, young and old alike, would love it.


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