Gypsy Journal, South America (3) 1/1/2008 - 3/11/2008 travel blog

Snowing on ms Prinsendam - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

King Edward Point - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

Larsen's whaling operation lasted from 1904 to 1964 - Cumberland Bay, South...

Whaler's cemetery - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

Sir Ernest Shacklton's grave (1874-1922) - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

King penguins - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

Fur seals - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

The church at Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

Museum - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

Molting King penguins - Cumberland Bay, South Georgia

2/2– 2/4

After leaving Antarctica it took us a couple days before we reached Grytviken, South Georgia. The trip was exciting because of all the icebergs that we passed on the way. Some of them were over ¼ of a mile long. It was a beautiful trip which included many sightings of whales, seals penguins and albatrosses. On the third we were able to watch the Super Bowl, amazing since we are out in the middle of no-where.

It is summer in Grytviken, but that does not seem to mean much. On our arrival it was snowing quite hard. Grytviken was an important whale town where much of the whale processing took place. When there were no more whales left to process (1965) the island was just about abandoned. Now the UK has about 20-30 people working on the island. There are two Antarctic scientific stations and the remaining people support those stations. Most of the people come from UK and are rotated every two years. In town we visited the grave yard where Ernest Shackleton (Antarctic explorer) was buried, an excellent museum and a 1913 church that was designed and built in the Netherlands. We also saw a number of Fur seals and penguins around town. The penguins were molting which is not a pleasant time for them. They do not swim while molting, they just stand around picking out their feathers and looking miserable.

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