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Wednesday 10th October 2007 Weather: - Sunny 18? degrees

(J) The flight went very well, very comfortable, we again had excellent service from the staff, and we cannot fault them. Arriving at Kuala Lumpur airport we found our driver and his van and we were driven to our hotel in Seremban which took about 40 minutes. This was the first time that we have been to Malaysia apart from a stopover at the airport on the way over and we were surprised at the cleanliness everywhere, the courtesy and the genuine smiles that the people give you everywhere is very infectious. The 40 min of our rollercoaster ride bought a smile to our faces. I thought that the driver was trying to play chicken with all the oncoming traffic once we got of the highways but Hermans' opinion was that he just wanted to get back to the airport to collect another fare. The scenery was fantastic. We were soon driving through lush green hills aglow with different coloured flowering trees but mainly we were passing a lot of Palm groves and everywhere we travelled over magnificent roads. Finally after driving through what looked like bushland we came upon a town with lots of large hotels, it turned out to be Seremban. Our hotel, assigned to us by Malaysian Airlines was one of the best looking hotels that I have ever stayed in. Our room was utterly luxurious, or maybe that was just our re-action after our stay in Rome, but Herman and I had the best shower and we did not want to get out. People were coming up to us and asking if we needed anything while walking around, in Rome we sat in a restaurant for 40 min at least 3 times waiting to get served—the last time we walked out as we had noticed a young Australian lad who came in 15 min after us getting his beer before we had even been acknowledged.

I have come to the age now when women become invisible; it amuses me for I remember the time long, long ago when I was younger and things were different. It is most apparent when walking down the street with my daughter and I see everyone turn round to look at her youth. I tell you this not because it is a sad thing, as I do not feel sad about it, it amuses me, it is just that it brings forward another side of human behaviour, which I enjoy observing. The reason for bringing forward this observation is that I thought that it only applied to women but know I know that it happens to couples as well.

We had a good sleep at the hotel and we are now 3 hours away from landing in Adelaide Airport and I am writing this on the plane, the computer just told me that I only have 5 min of battery life left so I had better pack up and finish this AT HOME

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