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On the bus on the way to the Marina - Sugar growing...

More sugar cane, also the mountains in the distance.

The filthy stuff just grew off the side of the road!

Our boat for the next 4 hours - the very speedy and...

Helen gets ready for some island hopping

South Sea Island (In the Mamanuca Group) - Fantastically beautiful.

South Sea Island again, with Viti Levu (The mainland) in the distance.

The South Sea Island 'connection' speeds towards the Yasawa Flyer

Beachcomber Island - At one point Helen and I were going to...

The Yasawa Flyer

Kuata Island. Note: The girl on the right is Sabrina (Germany). We...

The Naviti coastline

The view to Korovou on Naviti

You can see the coral on the edge of the island, through...

This is the Wana Takki Cruise, where you can spend a few...

The further north we went the more beautiful the scenery got

Coconut Bay from the distance

Another resort on Naviti

Right out at sea the coral gets so high that the sea...

More beautiful coral. These areas are teeming with life

More coral, and Tavueni Island, our first stop!

As the Yasawa Flyer came to a halt we couldn't believe our...

Looking across the Coral View Resort

Our Bure! Fantastic!! (If you like cold showers!!!)

Life is good. The art of relaxing is very difficult!!

The beach at Coral View...

Our Bure amongst the others at the Coral View resort

Dan (Bodmin), Helen (Newlyn!!), Ian (Torquay) and Ursula (Rio / Auckland)

Card Sharks!! Jo, Dave, Unknown and Hayley! This lot taught us the...

So.. we had to be at Denerau Marina at 9am.. there was a free bus that picked us up from the hostel. In true Fiji style, it had no windows... Why would you need windows??!

To get to the remote islands called 'The Yasawas', you have to take a very sexy and YELLOW Catamaran! It first takes you to some of the closer islands (called The Mamanucas) before it goes to the Yasawas. One thing that stuck us was that everything was much further away that it seems on the map. To get to the islands that we wanted to go to was going to take a 4 and a half hour trip.

I mean this thing was fast! It zipped along the water and took us away from Nadi (Thank God - not particularly a nice place). Nadi is generally a very cloudy area. As we got further away from the main land the weather gradually improved, until by about 12pm when it was really hot and sunny! Yay!

It's funny what makes you smile! We met an American couple who had just got married and were on their hunnymoon. When they realised that their trip of a lifetime was actually just one small week of one small section of our trip they didn't look sooo chuffed! We then also realised that their best friends were going to New Zealand, which we were also going to :O!!

Eventually, the craggy, volcanic rock based islands gave way to Coral based beautiful islands which were surrounded by sand and tropical trees! We headed up to our Island - Taveuni in the north and eventually the captain made the call for us! "CORAL VIEW!! ALL FOR CORAL VIEW DEPART HERE!!"

This involved us grabbing our bags and jumping from the larger 'Yasawa Flyer' onto a much smaller boat with a little engine on the back.

From this point onwards, everything changed. It became Paradise.

As we approached the island, the residents came rushing out into the sea singing and shouting! They were chuffed to bits to see us! One lady came out with a tray of drinks for us!

The locals all insisted on carrying our bags for us... It was great. We had to get out of the boat about 20 metres from the shoreline and wade in the rest of the way. Amazing. There we were, wading in with our tropical drinks. Great stuff.

We then had a tour of the place and were asked to sign in to the guest book. It was then that a sharp eyed Helen realised that the two people that had signed in above us were from Bodmin and Torquay! "Harrah!", we exclamed.

It turned out that the two lads were Dan (actually from Camelford) and Ian (erm, from Torquay...). Great bunch of guys! We also then met Bernt (Staying in Auckland, studying English, actually from Hamburg) and Ursula (Studying English in Auckland but actually from Rio, Brazil!). We all got together and tramped off looking for a beach that we had heard was on the other side of the island... After getting lost after 5 mins we came back to Coral View and it was then that we met two more Brits, Sarah (Portsmouth) and Jodi (Norwich). They were both doing a six month exchange to Auckland University of Technology and were on holiday. So we ALL went looking for this beach together.

It was worth the 30 minute walk through rainforest and across coral (very painful!). The beach was stunning. It was a great place to snorkel too - but we'll get to that tomorrow!

All the food on the island was prepared and cooked by the staff so we didn't have to do a thing! Yay! It was lovely too. Local fruit is sooo much tastier! Local Pineapple makes your eyes water! In the evening the staff made us play a random game of 'Pass the parcel', which actually involved people passing a stick around. When the music stopped, if you had the parcel you were out. Oh yes - big stuff!

The next game was called 'Dancing Chairs' and was actually musical chairs. Mad.

Anyway. By 9pm everyone was asleep.

You have to understand that the sun really tires you out! We've been sleeping between 12 - 14 hours a night!

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