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The late King Hussien and the current King Abdullah

The first view of "The Treasury"

Rick giving an idea of size

The Treasury

Young Bedouin boy with his donkey Coco

Check out the measure for water!


Another tomb carved in the cliff

The Monastry at the top of Petra

The Three of US

Stray camel!

Petra is about 100 kilometers from Aqaba. We took the local bus which cost 3 Dinars or JD for short. That is about $4.20 US. Very cheap! The bus goes when it is full so we waited about 20 minutes for the bus to fill then it seemed to stop everywhere so we finally arrived about two and a half hours later. We are giving serious thought to hiring a taxi to go back!

Petra is quite amazing and I highly recommend it. It is the ancient city of the Nabataens - a people who carved their city from the rock about 2200 years ago until about 500AD. They survived by becoming masters of the trade routes and levying the caravans. In 106AD the Kingdom was annexed to the Romans.

Petra was then gradually abandoned and by the 14th century was lost to western knowledge. It was of course still known to the local Bedouins who still live around the site. In 1812 it was rediscovered by a swiss traveller. I cannot begin to imagine how exciting that would have been.

The entrance to Petra is through a deep, narrow gouge of 1200 metres called the Siq. The rock is swirled in pink toned rock which has given it the name of the rose city.

After two days solid hiking my legs are tired but it was well worth it!

We stayed two nights at Petra getting good deals at two five start hotels as it is the off season!

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