Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Grapes growing - soon to be wine!

Legend of Bigfoot shop

Smokey (the) Bear

Bear in a tree stump


David with his friends, Shreik and Donkey

The 'town' of Loleta

Mail drop box outside the post office

The town kitty

'Real California Cheese'

Inside the cheese factory

The Pacific Ocean, Trinidad, CA

Sea Lions on the rocks

Sounds of the Sea RV Park

Deck right outside our RV door

Cloudy sunset over the ocean - taken from our RV

We were driving along, minding our own business - (at least David and I were - not certain about Ron and Connie!) There was a big sign welcoming us to the Redwoods.

Then, there is a sign, "The Legend of Bigfoot". Of course, we HAD to stop and investigate. It was a huge woodcarving shop. Large pieces, little pieces, bears, eagles, and a BIG carving of Bigfoot. We wandered around and oohed and aahed. Connie found a hanging basket she liked, so I took pictures of it for Ron to see if he could make it for her. Some of the carvings were so clever, like a bear climbing out of a tree stump. While we were there someone brought in a million-pound (in other words, Very Heavy) statue of Shreik and Donkey. What a neat place to explore!

On our way to Trinidad, CA we saw a sign for a cheese factory and took a detour. The tiny town was Loleta, CA. It was established sometime in the 1890s. I went to the Post Office since Connie had alerted me there was cat there. Yep, a sweet cat. She lived down the street and came to the Post Office each day to spread out all over the counters and bask in the attention. At night they put her out and locked the door and she would go home.

The cheese factory wasn't fully up and running, but we did see part of the process. There were free cheese tastings of their numerous varities. Really Good Cheese! We all bought some.

Then it was on to Trinidad. On the way, there was our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Very pretty, but not peaceful like the Atlantic. The Pacific has all these large rocks off from the shore so the waves break over the rocks, then on the shore - a little 'angry' looking. However, the rocks are populated by Sea Lions! I love to watch them.

We stayed at the Sounds of the Sea RV Park. It was across the street from the ocean. We could see the sunset from our deck next to our rig. Also, we could hear the sea lions even inside the RV. It was great! It was warm enough the first night we were there for the four of us to have dinner on our deck.

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