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South China Sea

ahh - the sea

our very scary hut

the even scarier restaurant

watching crabs

B - Next day after fireflies did big journey back to KL then all the way across the peninsular to the east coast, ending up in a place called Cherating purely because there were no bus tickets left for our destination of choice and we wanted to get out of the madness of KL bus station ASAP. Our travelling is getting a lot more random and less organised as time goes on. Anyway, i think it was a good choice. It was a small beach resort by the sea, fairly low key and deserted really (lonely planet said it was a busy travellers hang-the whole time we only saw about 3 other groups of travellers).

We stayed in a shack on stilts of the basic kind in the woods (actually more like the jungle) instead of on the beach which was very strange and eerie. We should really have known better as the hostel was called 'the shadow of the moon at half-past four in the afternoon'. Yes, really.

It was esp eerie at night when all the dogs congregated and barked lots. If you combine this with all the jungly noises then you have the situation where one night we were too scared to leave our hut for dinner when it was too dark. The next day we woke up to see that 1 of the dogs was a small really friendly curly tail dog and another its tiny, v cute puppy!

We spent a couple of lazy days on the beach reading and swimming - though the sea was too wavy and too jellyfishy to do much swimming. In fact, when squinting along it, you could be in the Gower at one of those really wide long beaches. The only difference was the palm trees and dense vegetation around it and the temp of the water which is so lovely and warm, like bathwater.

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