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Paddy the cobblestone

After our tour we were exhausted and headed home to eat some dinner and then once again we headed out to Temple bar. This time we headed up Grafton street to see if there were any buskers to watch but not much was happening so we headed over to Fitzsimons pub in Temple Bar.

Got a few drinks and Sarah and I got caught up more on the last 10 years of our lives. We sat out on the rooftop patio for a couple of hours. We were ready to head home and on our way out the door heard a guy on the stage playing the guitar. It was a good song so we went closer to the stage and watched and danced.

He continued to play great songs so we continued to dance. He was amaing for a one man show. He was playing all the big hits over here right now and the whole crowd was really into it. We were loving it and once again found ourselves going home much later then planned. We stopped along the way for some photo opportunities.

Sarah decided that it was a good idea to take the cobblestone she almost tripped on from the road and bring it home with her. She affectionately named it Paddy. He was quite a heavy little fella. Once again a great night out.

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