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We had left the London area and headed north to just north of Cambridge ready for our dental appointments in Kettering. We would love to find a campground nearer to Northampton and Kettering but so far without success. When we arrived at the campground we found we were not the lone American. In fact there was five American motorhomes and three 5th wheels.

The next day Tony's root canal went as planned, so he was finished. Heather's was a different story. For those who are squeamish do not read further!

The dentist was able to find one root canal to clear. He discovered there was in fact three roots. He found what he thought was the second but could not get into it and the third was totally inaccessible. After discussion on options it was decided that the tooth had to come out. The main part of the tooth came out fine but the third root broke off and therefore the dentist had to drill into the bone to get the root out. In fact once he got it out he found it had a hooked point hence the problem in getting it out!

You can imagine the rest of the day and for several days afterwards soft foods painkillers and rest and recuperation were the order of the day. Never mind!

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