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I am devastated to enter in my journal that Tom has suffered a hemorrhagic parietal stroke. His left side is affected quite a bit.

Yesterday we drove an hour from Gettysburg to Pierre, toured the capitol and the monuments around the lake, and then headed for Murdo, our overnight stop. When we arrived we had lunch, went for a walk, and then returned to the coach to relax and watch TV. At about 5:30 Tom said " Honey come here - I can't make my left hand do what I want it to do". I asked him to smile, stick out his tongue, and say Episcopalian which he did. I ran to the car, pushed the OnStar emergency button and an ambulance was there within 5 minutes. Back to Pierre we went doing 80-90 miles an hour . 40 minutes later we were in the ER where they took a CT scan. Bleeding showed up on the scan so he was not eligible for the new stroke drug. There are no neurosurgeons in Pierre so we were airlifted to Sioux Falls. Luckily they let me on the plane. The neurosurgeon was waiting for us and said that Tom looked and sounded good and he did not recommend surgery at that time. As the evening progressed however, Tom's headache worsened and so did some other symptoms so a new scan was ordered and surgery took place early this morning.

My sons are flying in tomorrow and I will welcome their collective shoulders to lean on.

I am hopeful. I am grateful. I still have my Tom to whom I can say "I Love You ". He is a fighter and together I know we can make things better than they look right now. How blessed we are that we have the memories of the past two years of living our retirement dream. Enjoy each day! Life can turn on a dime!

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