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Ok, we are ready to go home.

How cute is this?

I think we are a little early.

Is the plane here yet?

Traveling feet.

Ready to board. Bye Grandma & Grandpa.

It rained! Larry got up early and decided to throw a load of laundry in so the kids wouldn't go home with any dirty clothes. I woke up to the Motorhome shaking from thunder and a tremendous downpour of rain. Felt like we were stuck in a car wash. You couldn't see out any window. It kept coming for about an hour.

It cleared up and we finished packing. Kids were anxious to get to the airport. We still had plenty of time. So we went to lunch to kill an hour or so and then went to the airport. This is Ava's first flight. We thought she would be nervous. It was just like another carnival ride to her.

Pappa and Mammu had mixed emotions. Sad they were going. Glad to be moving on with the rest of our summer.

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