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The City Of.............. Notice the population.

Jay & Ava in the Tree house.

Our campsite and the Canfield trailor.

Jay Curry mowing the lawn.

Oldtimer & dog taking a break.

Ava crusing on the John Deere.

Couple of visitors to the nearby cornfield.

Closer view, they are not shy.

Braxton working the fields at the ballgames.

Looking official.

Pappa, you got any money.

At the ballgame.See those swings and tetter-totter from my grade school.

This team took 2nd place.

Is it noon yet.

Ohhhh, the laundry. Over $100, and were not done yet.

Next day, is it noon yet.

There is always a laundry day.

July 4th sparklers.

July 4th sparklers. Whos the old guy.

Better picture.

Many 4 mile trips to Lanesboro. Where Larry went to school.

Lanesboro Dam. Braxtrons favorite fishing hole.

He was really proud of this one.

Today we moved on to the town of Whalan, MN where Larry was born and raised. If you followed us last year - this is a close repeat. We just have another child with us.

This is known as the 'Root River Valley'. Absolutely beautiful country. Corn fields and small towns. At one time there was a train that ran through the valley. The tracks are gone and they have been replaced with miles of bike trails. You can bike from one small town to another along the Root River. The small towns are now tourist stops with Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Hostles. tubing, camping, pie shops, lots of attractions for tourist.

The town of Whalan hosts a FastPitch Softball tournament every year over the 4th of July. Check out the population sign in the pictures. We parked our Motorhome on Gloria's farm which is next to the ball park. The games go on morning to dusk. There is food and entertainment for the kids.

Braxton helped at the ball park during the day. He got the fishing bug late afternoon or evening. He went to the next town (Lanesboro) 4 miles away to fish at the dam. His cousin Jay also went one day.

The kids were so busy they didn't realize they went a week without TV and very little cell phone coverage.

Did I mention....everyone we visited in Rochester also come up to the games. It is a 50 mile drive from Rochester. It's a great way to extend the visit and meet up with other families and old classmates that also grew up here. First day was beautiful. Humidity started to set in the next couple days. Still pleasant. Last year we melted from the humidity.

Another visitor we had...mosquitoes and ticks. We were like monkeys checking everyone for ticks and spraying repellant. This is farmland. The bugs own it!

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