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Can you believe it? Gophe found a partner.

After dinner Uno game with uncle Frank.

It's Parade time with the Rochester Mayor.

Whats a parade without Cotton Candy?

Some of the younger part of the family.

What's a little rain? (there is candy to be had!)

Theres always the Shriners.

What's a little MORE rain? .

And the band played on.


Ava and Jay waiting for more candy to be thrown out.

Wells Fargo.

Too close, but generous with the candy.

And the band played on and on.

The haul from the Parade.

Rachel and Emma entertained Jay and Ava a lot, Thank You.

Pondering the next move.

Playing in the water at the Markhams.

Transformer Guy at the Rochester Fest.

Open wide.

Yes, we get along.

As long as we get a pickle.

Family listening to the music.

Ava"s self photo.

Dancing to the music.

Howie, Alison & girls, Markham family. (Niece)

Jarts game in Lebecks back yard after dinner.

Jay Lebeck & Braxton competing.

Sunset across the back yard.

Brock, Dana & Blair Lebeck. (Nephew)

Frank Lebeck Jr. & Lisa. (nephew)

How many Lebeck's (engineers) does it take to open an umbrella?

Our next few days in Rochester is all about visiting family.

Rochester was having 'Rochesterfest' downtown over the weekend so that provided a lot of entertainment for the kids. Friday night was the parade in the rain. We were cold and wet but not smart enough to leave. Guess we were staying for the kids. Both of Larry's sisters were there with us and lots of grandkids to keep each other entertained.

We went back to the 'fest' on Saturday night with Gloria and Chuck (sister and brother in-law) to 'eat' and watch the street dance and other entertainment. It was a cool nice evening.

Larry's sister and brother in-law, Bobbie and Frank kept us fed. We had lunch and couple dinners with them and their family.

Braxton got in some fishing, Ava and Jay spent time with Cousins swimming and even had a 'sleep over'.

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