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After a final linger on the beach at the beautiful resort in Palm Cove, we drove to the airport for our final flight in Australia. It was the longest flight so far. Cairns is farther from Sydney than Auckland, New Zealand.

When we were in Australia last in 2009, we were shocked to have visits from two different couples who listen to our RV Navigator podcast here Down Under. Al and Sue spent some time with us in Sydney and we enjoyed a ferry ride to Manley with a bicycle tour together. We keep track of what they are up to on Facebook and they continue to follow us on the podcast. Two years ago we met again on our soil, as they paused in San Francisco for a few days on their way back home from a US tour. And we took another bicycle tour this time across the Golden Gate Bridge. Little did we dream that we would have a chance so soon to visit them at their home for a few days before we start working our way back to the US. It was great to see their smiling faces at the Sydney airport and visit their home and share more time together. It was a long drive for them to pick us up and we appreciate it immensely.

Ken took advantage of Al's 70" TV to show some of the pictures he took here in Australia. And then Al reciprocated by showing us some pictures from their US tour. This stimulated lots of conversation about the differences and similarities of our two countries on opposite sides of the world, sharing many of the same problems, and sometimes solving them in vastly different ways.

After spending three weeks visiting tourist highlights, it is fun to be with regular folks living regular lives and see what it really is to live in Australia.

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