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We just had a couple of days in Laz Vegas.

We left Saint George pretty early – wanted to get out of there.

We had booked The Mirage in Las Vegas for 3 nights, but, given check-in wasn’t until 3pm, we first visited Hoover Dam.

Pretty good! Packed, but still good. We even did an underground tour where we got to see some of the tunnels and the power generators.

It was a bit scary driving into Las Vegas. We’d been on country roads and in country towns for so long that the idea of heavy, fast-moving city traffic was a bit daunting.

We even managed to make a boo-boo and take the wrong exit, according to ‘Ms Garmin’ (our GPS lady), and find that the incorrect exit led straight into the car park for The Mirage. Awesome!

For me, that was where the awesomeness left.

Over a ridiculously expensive lunch on one of the days, I confessed to Tamara how much I hated Las Vegas. She, on the other hand, loved it. Lots to see, lots of colour and lots happening.

I’m glad I went. I saw. I enjoyed the things we did. But I hated the place. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve seen. People, early in the morning, sitting at the gambling tables and losing their money.

It was tacky. It was busy. It was loud. Really…. Not a place for me.

Having said that, some of the hotels/cassinos were just mind-bogglingly amazing. We did heaps of walking and exploring.

One night we ventured to Freemont Street for the “Freemont Experience”. That was fun. Again, very loud and gaudy, but quite entertaining.

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