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2016-09-28 – No Bull

As many of you know, we drove the 2500 miles from home here to South Dakota to attend the 51st Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park. But, old age and old eyes got the best of me and instead of getting up at 3:00 a.m. to get to the park so we’d get a good viewing spot, Bob and I were in the Rapid City ER til midnight, waiting to see if I had detached my retina. I had noticed what appeared to be a big spider-shaped floater in my right eye around noon; something I had not seen before. By the evening, I was getting “flashing” and was freaked out since several of you reading this have had similar symptoms this past year. The ER doc scheduled me for an exam by an opthamologist, Dr. Bernard, but it had to be the morning of the roundup just in case I needed surgery. So....no roundup though I have attached some photos taken by our friend Angie who finally was able to get to this event. We are told it was definitely worth the trip so, next year...? Turns out that I did not detach the retina, thankfully, but the vitreal sack, the jellylike part of the eye, did detach from the retina; apparently, common and not that big of a deal though I still have a “spider” in my eye and am still getting the flashing. Turns out, the vitreal sack is also detached from my left eye too---a product of old age I’m told. No bulls just...bull.

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