John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

The first part of our trips always seem to go as planned. This trip seems to be the exception.

I check the weather in the AM. If we head west, we will be heading directly into foul weather. Foul means severe with possible tornadoes and hail. We head north.

We pass through Hannibal. Shortly afterward, it is raining. Within an hour, the rain has stopped.

Geode State Park is near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. We decide to check it out.

It starts to rain. The state park office is closed. We do not look at the campground because we have no cell phone service.

We continue the short distance to Mt. Pleasant and find our Walmart. There is a campground nearby and the weather has cleared. There is no reason to continue further north.

The campground is very nice. We spend the late afternoon resting and watching Perry Mason shows. We bought the DVD’s at Walmart. The weather is fine. We can head west tomorrow.

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