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Rain, rain, rain. Finally, a first sign that the holiday is over, and my car gets cleaned!!!

It's Wednesday morning 08:40 and we will have a Swiss breakfast shortly, at least something more nutritious that the Italian fatties from the last 3 weeks.

Oh yes, a very good breakfast. Time to travel!!!

Via a short zig-zag through the streets of upper Lugano, we got on the Autobahn direction Basel, virtually no delay at the St. Gotthard tunnel and 17Kms later we left the pipe in an equal lousy rainy weather. Yesterday we even had thunderstorms!!!

At Lucerne, we made a noon stop over to do some shopping(hey, we're still in holidays, ok?!) and visited the Kappell-Brücke, an old wooden bridge over the river Egg which burnt down in the year 1993! I remember I've visited the bridge 2 years before.

Anyway, a short continuation over the A2 Autobahn towards Basel, where we ended up in a traffic jam. Since we had time enough, but not to wait in a back-up, we made a cambio de sentido and headed to the eastern approach of the city of Lörrach, where we did first some shopping(again) and finally parked our car on the parking lot of the German Railways, ready to be shipped to Hamburg. It's now 19:20 and the train should arrive any moment, we'll see!!!

After some waiting, we've now embarked the car and ourselves on the train. A small luxury cabin with shower and toilet.

Gina is already in Roman Mode, meaning, eating and drinking while laying in the bed.

It takes a while before the train with sleeper cars and the car cars are connected and arranged together, but, here n Germany it all goes after an Autistic precise plan, no room for fantasy or your own interpretation. It's now 21:55 and the train "Shaffner" promised me that we'll leave at 22:10, so I trust the lady, in Germany it simply works, always, anywhere, anytime, on time!

I decided to take a shower, since I payed a fortune for this luxury, so why don't spoil myself!!! But i'll wait until the train starts to move!! I never had a shower on a train!!

Until now, I'm still looking at the local Milka chocolate factory of Lörrach, nothing happens so far.

We're moving and sharp on time, Hamburg here we come!!!

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