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No, I have never heard of it either. That is the beauty of a cruise, you get to see a little sample of a place and can determine if it bears more inspection at a later date. The drawback is that you only get to see a little bit and the charm of a place is really in the people you meet there...and you don't get to meet a lot of people on the whirlwind blitz. Que lastima.

We visited a fort on a hilltop that had once been held by...yes, the moors...who gets it next....the English. Safely ensconced, the French try to blast them out by digging a mine operation horizontally through the base of the mountain. Not to be outsmarted, the ENglish build a countermine vertically down to it ostensibly to counter the impact. This, shall we say, backfires as it rather imparts a chimney-like effect after said explosion thus blowing Brits and fort alike to smithereens. You may wonder how I think this, well it comes by way of a Monty Python like cartton depiction of said event...en espanish...so my take may or may not be exactly historically accurate. At any rate, it is a remarkable fort to which one could take an elevator, perhaps up same vertical mineshaft? And we walked down into town.

Girlies and daddy often head back to the ship while mom wanders aimlessly...this time up some zigzaggy staircases up to an old hermitage at which some old fellows are hammering on some wooden sets. Esta abierto hoy? Si, uno momento. Unlocks chapel for me to inspect. Pinturas esta bien? Seguro! Que trabajando? Festival uno de mayo. Para Maria? No se, I just work here. I am thinking, yes, and do you live here? This stuff just kills me!:)

I continue my wanderings amongst an old spanish neighborhood extremely reminiscent of Old San Juan. Heavy flashbacks almost too much to bear. It's like the same guys came over and reproduced it, though perhaps San Juan a good bit more heavy duty. All this before this globalization business took off.

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