Clarence and Sandy's RV Tour 2013 travel blog

Polar Bear that came to the town a few years ago

Birds resting on the iceberg

Icebergs are about 1500 years old.

Wagon Master and Sharon watching us go by the point.

Whale watching, hard to photograph with boat rocking

One of the playful whales

Nine of us went on a whale watching/iceberg boat trip out of St. Anthony. The boat held 40 people and we went through some pretty rough water to get out to where the icebergs were but it was worth it to be up close and personal with them. The icebergs start as glaciers in Greenland. When a chunk of ice falls off it is called iceberg calving. The ones we saw were probably 15,000 years old. About 4,000 icebergs a year will take 2-3 years to reach the coast of Newfoundland. Only about one tenth of the iceberg is above the water. That is what caused the Titanic to sink off the coast of Newfoundland in April of 1912. Seals sometimes climb aboard the icebergs to rest and polar bears climb aboard to hunt seals. We did not see either but did see some beautiful icebergs(see photos). We were also treated to seeing two large whales who were coming up to the surface to breathe. We stayed in the area and watched them perform. While in St. Anthony we also visited the city hall to see a stuffed polar bear and to hear about the town from the mayor. We visited the museum and home of Wilfred and Anne Grenfell. He was a missionary and doctor and helped bring medical services to the area. We also visited the L'Anse Aux Meadows area which is based archaeological finds in the area. We also attended the Viking Feast where a "court" is held to bring grievances. Terry brought Uncle Jim to court for telling everyone she was a card cheater. She won. Then I brought Buz and Pam and Dave and Diane to court for arguing about who saw the first moose. It was a lot of fun.

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