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View of Atlantic Ocean with fog cover in the distance that looks...

Roxie sitting on Rock in the Atlantic Ocean

Roxie and Terry out on rock in Atlantic Ocean in front of...

View from our motorhome of Atlantic Ocean while the tide was out

View from our motorhome of Atlantic Ocean when the tide was in

Sunset on Atlantic Ocean at 9:30 PM

Today we drove 145 miles to a Lions Club Campground called Oceanside RV Park. We drove through some beautiful country today. Most of the drive was winding up and down through the mountainous terrain with mostly pine trees on each side of the road. Then we would come down around a corner and then the most beautiful panorama view of lakes or the ocean would come into sight with more mountains beyond. The mountains have snow patches across the horizon. At one point we were looking out at the ocean and we thought it was just a large wide lake because we thought we could see land in the distance. It was the Atlantic Ocean we were looking at and what looked like purple mountains in the distance was really low lying fog. Then we drove through some mountains that had huge rock cuts going up to the sky. There was an area before we arrived to the campground that was kind of barren land without much vegetation. We finally drove back down by the Atlantic Ocean views again when we came to our campground. We are parked about 150 feet from the ocean. We arrived about 1 PM and it is very windy here and the temperature is only around 50 degrees. The tides came in later in the early evening and some of the rocks that we walked on earlier are now covered and the waves are three to four feet high going over those rocks. The shoreline was like a solid piece of rock, but it must be made from a soft kind of rock because the rocks are all rounded making them look like giant logs laying out there. Kind of hard to explain but undeniably a beautiful, beautiful sight. The brochure for the campground says, "Where the sun meets the sea every evening and rocks you to sleep thru the sounds of the waves hugging our shores".

Port Au Choix is a small little fishing town. There were lobster fishing boats all along the shoreline right in town. We saw several boats, mostly small but a couple larger boats, that had washed ashore and crashed and broke apart on the rocky shoreline.

We are only spending one night here and tomorrow morning we leave bright and early to catch a ferry to Labrador.

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