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What an expression? Alligator coming?

Think he sees his lunch, but I see mine too. I won!

Big Boy

One of many birds

Another Big Boy

Keeping an eye on us

Big Head

I see you Gramma

Another Eye on Gramma

Our Lunch Place

Two rainy days in a row, but yesterday gave Lin a chance to relax her back while I ran some errands and prepared her Valentines Dinner. LINDA NOTE: THE DINNER WAS TO DIE FOR; RIBEYE STEAK, TWICE BAKED POTATO, SALAD, HOMEMADE BISCUITS AND STRAWBERRY SOUFFLE! We did go back to Cracklin' Jacks for lunch. Frog Legs and Gator tail for me and scallops and catfish for my bride. Wish we could bring that restaurant home.

Today we headed to the Everglades with no plans and no tours. Too rainy for old people to take an air boat ride. The folks at the Park Service told us about a gravel road that follows what can best be described as a canal through the swamp. We might be old, but that sounded like an adventure and off we went. We found the first gator at the rest area at the beginning of the gravel road and he sure looked big to us. Down the wet and muddy road we go with me driving and Linda capturing our safari on digital whatever you now call it. Birds were everywhere, fish were jumping and we saw at least 12 to 15 gators. Had a blast and truly got to see some of God's handiwork which is what we came on this trip to do.

Found another dive for lunch. This one was Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe. I can't begin to describe it but you were greeted at the door and pointed to the drinks. Another session of Gator and Frog for me and Linda had a salad in an avocado, but I saw shrimp so it really wasn't a salad. Still raining but the Internet seems to be working. Life is truly wonderful.

Tomorrow we head to Crystal River where we hope to swim with the Manatees, but it sounds like some of the cold from home is headed this way. We'll find something to do, or maybe we'll just do nothing.

We miss all of our friends and family, but we ain't coming home yet!

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