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July 31,2012

This is just a quick up date, since not much has occurred today. We traveled from Oosterbeek to Barneveld--2 little trains.

We are staying here about a week and I will provide more details about this Town--I have noted a large Cathedral and Palace.

We are staying at Hennie's townhouse. Hennie is the lady that runs Tripsite and has booked all of our Bike Tours in the last few years. Although Hennie lives in Pennsylvania, she is from the Netherlands. We picked up the keys from her Mom (90ish) who lives 3 doors down. She spoke no English--she pointed at me and said Canadian?--I nodded and she gave me the keys.

I met with the neighbour who doesn't speak much English -- he was to give me access to his WIFI--but all he had was his Computer Password and not his WIFI Password--so he got another neighbour who spoke a little more English but all to no avail. So I am sitting in the Barneveld Bibliotheek--my blogs will be based on the library hours.

Al & Sue

PS I would like to give Kels a shout out---I spoke to her today and it appears that we had a little flood yesterday. She has mopped up and called in my maintenance people (Mom & Dad)--THANKS

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