Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

Cindy found her match @ Coin Show

Well, today seemed to be Gin's day. The day started early when the alarm went off at 6:30 AM (so Cindy and Ed could get up, eat breakfast and get to the Convention Center for an 8AM meeting). Gin was still lounging when we went to the hotel lobby for breakfast. Cindy came back before heading to the convention center to find Gin standing in the middle of the room ringing her hands obviously upset and pointing to a huge green bug that was above the door. Although she was freaked out, it was only a katydid (like a locust). Cindy caught it in a towel and tossed it out the door. While Ed and Cindy spent the day at the convention, Gin planned to read (no surprised there), do laundry, and enjoy the quiet. Well, quiet she didn't get... If you have followed our sagas from a couple years ago, you will know the John C escaped while we were in Utah and Cindy successfully found him. He may be older, but still quick on his feet. Ed arranged to hook up Lucy to an electric outlet at the hotel in order to keep John C calm, cool and collected. Here's the story as reported by Virginia. She feed John C lunch and all was well. A few hours later she went out to hang up her clean laundry and discovered the power was out in Lucy, and the interior temp was about 90. She put a harness and leash on John C and was sitting under a tree with him where it was cooler. The hotel is directly under a landing path for incoming jets at O'Hara Airport (one of the busiest airports in the USA). Well while relaxing under the tree, Virginia reports a landing jet made a very loud noise and John C got scared. He reportedly leaped into the air, flipped at least once, shook loose his harness and leash and sprinted as fast as he could into the bushes! During the next hour or so Gin tried to capture him, but even after help from at least 4 different men Mom recruited to join in on the chase, John C was not going to be captured. Mom said he ran from bush to bush, down one side of the hotel and up the other side. Finally he disappeared up under Lucy for his own protection. Well Ed got a frantic phone call from Gin about the loss of John C. Cindy & I rushed back to the hotel (we had to wait 20 minutes for the van, but we were rushing...). Cindy performed her magic AGAIN and found John C up under Lucy and was able to pull him down and recapture the little rascal. Not sure, but we think Gin was way more upset than John C. All in all, an interesting day with the convention, John C's escape, Mom finding 4 men, and the safe return of John C. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

We are heading into Indiana to meet with the gentleman from whom we are buying our penny machines. Won't be too much to report over the next couple days. We'll get back to you later. We are heading for Rockville, Indiana pick up the machines on Monday and head home.

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