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Visitor center drawing of the locks

Visitor center picture.

There is a 2 floor platform to see the locks.

Looking toward Lake Huron, Lake Huron waer level.

Looking toward Lake Superior

Gates opening, tour boat coming in

gates closing

tied off

water rising

and rising

and rising

on it way

picture from visitor center

the ends of the locks

first ship coming in

it had to use the 2nd lock cause it's so long


the second ship coming into the lock


lots of people looking on

the 1st ship and just the top of the 2nd

2nd is rising

and rising-watch the letters

the letters move up pretty fast

1st ship moving out

2nd ship all the way up

getting ready to move out


1st leaving




2nd leaving

almost gone

Mackinac bridge

pictures of the construction




picture of the bridge


Memorial to the 4 men who died with bridge in the background

We drove to St. Ignace which is the city on the north side of the Mackinac Straits. Mackinaw is on the other side of the Straits. St. Ignace is a very small town with a harbor on Lake Huron. On one side of the Mackinaw Bridge is Lake Huron, on the other side is Lake Michigan.

The big tourist draw here is to take a ferry over to Mackinac Island. There was a movie with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves called "Somewhere in Time" that was filmed there-mainly at the big hotel there. No cars or motors allowed on the island. You can ride bikes and take a horse drawn carriage or walk. According to someone I talked to they charge you $10 to go up on the porch of the hotel (unless you are a guest).

We are only here 2 nights so we passed on the island. Instead we went to a shipwreck museum the afternoon we arrived and went to Sault Saint Marie to see the Soo Locks on the full day.

The shipwreck museum was really good. There have been about 500 shipwrecks on the great lakes. This is due to bad weather, and running in to each other. Mainly the ships run into each other-sometimes due to bad weather but lots of times not. Hummmmm. There was a lot on the Edmund Fitzgerald which sank in 1975. No one really knows why it sank-but they know they had no radar, it was horrible weather with 30 foot waves, and they may have had hatches failing. The museum is on a point of land with a beach and a lighthouse. They have models of ships that went down and pictures of the wrecks that have been taken by divers. There is also a divers suit-hugh hugh metal thing-that divers can use to go really deep-its pressurized so the don't have to decompress. They used the suit to go down on the Edmund Fitzgerald and bring the ship's bell up and leave a memorial bell in its place. The wreck is 540 feet deep.

Soo locks was also really neat. There are 4 locks on the US side and 1 on the Canadian side of the river which connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron. While we were there we saw 2 ships go thru the locks at the same time. We spent half a day there. It was very cool. The trip is almost over.

Warning-no pics of the museum, too many of the locks.

We go to the Detroit area next to see Dale's old house, and then home.

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