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Gophie is saying "help me" I've been kidnapped and taken to a...

Should we ask for a ransom?

Town sign

Canadian Superstore

Canadian rockies.

More rockies. The drive is awesome!

City sign.

The canyon is way below this sign.

The little white spec in the trees at the bottom is our...

Our RV site.

HWY 93 to the Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs

Mountain Goats.

Can you find the Mountain goat?

Traffic did not bother them.

We crossed the border at Roosville (HWY 93) with no problem at all. We had to surrender our apples. I offered an onion but they told me I could keep it. Thank goodness they didn't take our gum too.

Our next stop was Cranbrook to find a bank to exchange currency and replace our apples. We stopped at the Canadian Super Store. It was odd that it was on the same block as Walmart. It seemed like a upgraded Walmart. It costs a dollar for a shopping cart and you pay for your bags. I like the bring your own bag idea, the plastic bags are taking over the world. Their produce looked excellent and we found a few different things that you don't see in the US.

We had lunch in Cranbrook and then drove to Radium Hot Springs. We are camped in a canyon along a rushing creek about 25 ft wide. The sound will make good sleeping tonight.

After we set up we drove through town and out to the Hot Springs. The hot springs looks like a big swimming pool. We were told that in the height of the season they have 2000+ people a day at the springs. The town is full of Motels and Hotels. They are waiting for the tourist.

Mountain goats were along the route to the Hot Springs. Check out the pictures.

Mileage: 29196

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