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So, just over a week in Buenos Aires. I wouldn't join everyone in saying it was the best place on my trip (so far) but the fact that I had so many friend there made it pretty good fun! Dan and Jamie from school were there for a couple of days before going off to do a few days at this ranch which sounded an amazing experience! Whilst there were also some of Dans friends we had met in La Paz and got to know really well, and some of their friends. So we became quite a big group! Was a lot of fun!

We had a pretty good time really, Flic, Dan, Jamie and I went to the Cementerio de la Recoleta. This is an incredible Cemetery filled with massive family tombs which have been used over the centuries. They varied quite a lot, but were all massive, some incredibly old! One even for SALE..any takers?!?! We also saw Evita's family tomb, which was nicely modest, looking like the others, and crowded with people. Was a pretty cool cemetery as far as they go!

Apart from this, our sightseeing was very limited, only consisting of walking around and admiring general buildings along the way. Also, visiting the different areas around the city, San Telmo, La Boca, all varying in style and purpose..La Boca being like Tobermory - very colourful, San Telmo slightly more relaxing being the famous tango area on a Sunday, and an incredible place for an antique lover!

Then at the end of our stay we moved to Palermo, another section of the city, the more upmarket and surburban of them all. And very pretty! With botanical gardens, many parks too!

On our first night in Palermo, before going out to meet the others, Henry and Alex etc.. We met a couple of Brazilian guys and one Colombian and had a really hard time of communicating...with Portuguese, Spanish and English floating around, and Spanish being the only language slightly in common! Though the Brazilian guys spoke less than me! But they went out and got some pizza, empanada, and ingredients to make Caipirinhas, the Brazilian drink. We had a really fun time, making cocktails in our hostel, and they wouldn't let us pay for some of it! Said it would be an insult!

On the 21st, Flic left to go to Iguazu falls, and meet Jamie and Dan. I was by myself, which was different! But really lovely for a couple of days! I walked around the park and came across a dance couple practising tango...was really lovely, in a bandstand too. Though i looked slightly odd as their only spectator! But I sat there for ages still. Palermo was probably my favourite part of BA.

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