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Huatulco from the plane

Zocalo and Church in La Crucecita

Out for lunch in La Crucectia

Castle building

Waving turtle

Turtles mating


Swimming at Playa La India

Kylan at Playa La India

The beach at Playa La India


Pelicans in the surf

Stone Face

River rafting

River rafting 2

Sharks vs Sabres Game with California cousins

We crossed the border from Belize into Mexico, spent one night in Chetemal, then flew the next morning to Huatulco Mexico. From the moment we stepped off the plane into the warm, open-aired, palapa roofed airport - something you might find on a small Hawaiian island - we knew we made the right decision to come to Mexico!

Huatulco is a series of nine beautiful bays on the far southwest coast of Mexico, with large sections of protected jungle between the bays, and strict regulations for development. There's a very relaxed feel to the small towns in Huatulco, where the impact of tourism has been minimized. We took a boat tour of the bays and spotted many turtles, a school of dolphins, and several huge manta rays! We also did some snorkeling in a couple of the bays and it was interesting to compare the fish we saw in the Pacific Ocean to the Carribean Sea. The water temperature was perfect!

On another day trip we took a four-wheel drive road up into the jungle and did some river rafting down a jungle river. The rapids were fairly mellow as it was dry season, and the terrain was arid in contrast to our Belize jungle experience. But the scenery was beautiful, the birds were plentiful, and the river was crystal clear and refreshing when we stopped to swim along the way.

Another few days of soaking up the sun and relaxing and we were on our way home. We took a pit stop in Santa Clara to visit Jasper and Kylan's California cousins, had a great visit, and took in a Shark's Hockey game to boot! Great ending for an amazing trip!

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