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kevin trying his luck.. good or evil... will he pass the test?

king of hell

The weather has disappointed some people as its raining and continually misty/foggy. Not so good for the photos, but ok in fact perfect for what we did today. We headed off to the Ghost town of FengDu. The town itself was relocated to the other side of the river as the impact of the dam kicked in. Remaining there are some shops, called hello market as when you walk by, the traders are all calling out hello, hello, trying to get you to buy from them. The ghost town itself is really a series of tests and temples to decide whether you are good, a better reincarnation, or bad, come back as a lesser creature... an intestinal worm maybe?

Anyway, we passed all the tests... there was a little bridge that people could cross as couples.. if you held hands you would come back again as a couple next time around. It was very sweet to watch D&K entwine fingers. Helen and I were the only ones who went across alone.

We had an opportunity to see what either we or our kids would be reincarnated as... I did Kelly... apparently she will reincarnate as a general or a general manager. Kevin did himself... Get this... he will come back as a fairy... Hmmm ... some things never change!!!!

Since then he’s been doing a very bad sleight of hand trick with his little stone... making himself laugh way past when we were amused!!! He’s such a dag!

What did amuse me was that everyone was to be reincarnated as generals, prime ministers etc. Nobody was coming back as a street hygienist! Who will do all those jobs I wonder!

Helen passed one of the tests on behalf of the group... she had to stand on a funny shaped stone on 1 foot for 3 secs. She did it easily!

The paintings, sculptures, and statues in this place are quite extraordinary. I got some good photos. The king of hell is quite formidable looking but the lighting made the photos hard to take.

This trip has just been one great day followed by another. We are so lucky to see this stuff.

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