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St. Joseph River at Bear Cave Resort in Buchanan, MI.

St. Joseph River shoreline starting to show Autum color changes.

One of the many entrances into the University of Notre Dame football...

UND libriary mosaic. A beautiful campus icon.

UND campus bronze of Jesus at the well with the Semaritan woman.

UND students on the way to classes etc.. Cathedral tower in the...

Large main quad area between buildings. When classes ended at noon it...

We are beginning to get more into the Fall the further east we go. Along the highways and rivers we cross we are seeing more and more reds, yellows, and oranges in the trees and brush. The temperatures are getting cooler at nights and the days are growing shorter. We are noticing more and more hardwood and fewer evergreen forests as we go also. It should be quite a spectacular show of color as Fall brings it’s color to the East.

Bear Cave Resort was pretty much empty when we arrived. Most of the campers were either full time residents or a few retired travelers like us. We are only staying for two nights before we travel on so we only had one day to look around the area. Looking at the map of the area we found that we were only 21 miles from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. So we decided to make our trip over to see the campus. It was very interesting and massive as should be expected. The first place we arrived was at the football stadium. Probably one of the most recognizable facilities of the University is the great mural on their library. A beautiful mosaic depicting Christ and his church through the ages. There are many old building with the ivy growing up the sides giving the campus a very traditional academic look. Lots of trees, parks, walkways and statues. A really nice campus for such a large university.

The next day we head for the other Ohio.

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