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Well today would have to have been one of the best we have had so far. We are now in Kings Canyon – about 300kms from Uluru – part of the George Gill Ranges. First we walked the 6 km rim walk of the canyon. This began with a very steep climb up the side of a hill / mountain but then meandered all around the sheer rock faces of the Canyon and it was the most spectacular walk I have ever done. The weather was just perfect – fine but quite cloudy which kept the temperature down. We clambered over rocks that were formed millions of years ago – so old that you could see the ripples in the rocks caused by waves when this was all covered in the sea. At every turn we were astounded by Mother Nature at her best. About half way along is a section called the Garden of Eden where we descended down some steps to a beautiful area with a peaceful waterhole at the bottom – the perfect place to enjoy our lunch. Took us a bit over 3 hours to do the walk but it was one we just did not want to end.

Once we reached the bottom we then did the Kings Creek walk (2 kms) and then drove out to the Katherine Springs walk (2.6 kms) – this last one was really interesting as there were remnants of yards that used to be used for rounding up cattle in the late 1800’s. Came back to the caravan feeling rather weary but filled with the wonder of all we had seen today. This is a place I have wanted to visit for a long time and am so glad I finally got the opportunity to do so – I will carry the memory of today with me for a long time.

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