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the small yellow raft was mine and Jamie's


me, Ja,ie and some frenchies on a break from the rapids

Frenchies(they had the bigger raft)


another open jungle hut to sleep in(brr!)

hurry up with dinner I'm hungry!




day 2

where are the rapids?!

Pai river


hey don't leave me!!


Frenchie mud mask

another Frenchie playing in the mud at the hot springs

ready for war!!

mellow part of the river









Took about an hour to find a place that wasn't full in pai. This place was swarmed with Thai's and their families for the holiday. We looked into a few rafting tours and decided on a 2 day rafting and one night stay in the jungle down the Pai river(60 kms) with Thai Rafting Adventures. We also spent quite a while trying to figure out where we wanted to be for New Years.

Rafting Day 1 --

Smaller raft with me, jamie and guide. 5 French guys in the group as well going down the river, but they had the bigger raft. Being it dry season the rapids weren't as strong or intense, only about a 2 or 3. Went down about 25 kilometers of the Mae Pie river with a few decent rapids. The camp was by the river in open bamboo huts with plenty of sleeping bags and blankets to keep us warm during the cold night. Also a mosquito net that was necessary not just for the mosquitos, but for the other bugs and flying critters as well. We were given warm mint tea and popcorn on arrival and for dinner has rice with curry, vegetables and bbq pork.

Much of the National park we rafted through today seemed a bit dry and some parts seemed a foot deep or lower. I imaginge this river must be pretty insane and dangerous in the wet season!

Rafting Day 2-- 31st Dec

35 kms of rapids, curves and turns. This day had much better scenery. Much more green and gorges and plenty of bright blue king fishers and herons. Saw a couple of monkeys on the side of the river and one monkey was swimming across the river with it's tail up in the air so it wouldn't get wet. Pretty damn funny I never expected to see that! Also a ways down the river we saw a pretty big Singha snake swimming across infront of us. Good thing we weren't playing in the water then! The rapids were fun today but tame. A couple of times I jumped off the raft and just floated down stream with the current. Great experience going down this river none the less and the only way to see the National Park and beauty in that area- the longest stretch of rapids in Thailand.

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