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061908 - Today we left Huntington Beach and traveled to Pocahontas State Park in Virginia. Prior to leaving South Carolina we stopped at a well adorned truck stop with a very large junk store complete with Fireworks, Candy, Food, and Shoe departments. I had a greasy sausage and egg sandwitch while the boys had stale Pizza's. We had another bowl of boiled peanuts for the second course and then the kids completed the meal with homemade fudge. We all felt ill upon our departure, but at least Keane stopped asking me when we would eat again.....this lasted about 45 minutes. Keane was once again fascinated by the fireworks department, but I did not yield this time.

During this leg we crossed North Carolina, making one stop at the Tobacco Farm Life Museum in Kenly, NC. The kids enjoyed the museum despite my discrete suggestions that the museum was promoting a very unhealthy product. We learned alot about the growing and curing process. Keane really enjoyed dressing up like a farmer.

We arrived at the Park around 5PM. Overall this was the best campground to date. The weather was great and the bugs were not too bad. The kids played on the playground then we went to a Pizza joint for dinner. Upon our return we had some great conversation and then retired around 11PM.

Around 1AM I felt Neil rolling around a bit and then he left for the bathroom. He had become afflicted with my stomach illness. He returned to the tent and smartly positioned himself next to the door. An hour later I heard him frantically open the door and stick his head out. The resulting nuclear explosion reminded me of a scene in a Monty Python movie where the glutton eats a final thin mint and then explodes. Neil could not find the humor and mine quickly vanished as I realized that it was my job to clean up the mess. Rough calculations revealed that he covered about a 15 square foot area in front of the tent door.....just where we all stored our shoes. Neil was very helpful as we worked to wash away the giant puddle. Overall we did well but could not eradicate the odor. We thought about moving the tent, but could not wake nearly impossible task. I spent the night in the car to give the boys more room and slept pretty well for about 5 hours.

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