Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Cloverdale where we were headed,Eureka a good TV show,Asti a fine bubbly

Clouds below the mountains-on way to Cloverdale

Sadie and Connie demonstrate what we did for 2 days

Quail on top of sign

Our wooded site at Russian River campground

The Cooks

Nightfall on the Russian River

Detail of The Thing, (wolf, we guess)

He retreated, but came right back

Russian River was a "rest stop" for the four of us. We were really lazy! All three dogs enjoyed us being home with them.

Pretty, wooded campground. However, very unlevel. There were quail, deer, the funky looking blue jays and even a fox.

One early evening Tyler and Bonnie started growling and the hair on their back stood up. I had the outside door open and I guess they smelled something through the screen door. When I looked, there was a BIG cat-like thing with big ears and a bushy tail staring at me. I have never seen a cat that big! Grabbed my camera, called to David, took a picture and David determined it was most likely a fox. Well, that didn't make me feel very secure about taking our dogs on their before-bed walk! We kept them on short leashes and I carried Bonnie back to the rig when she had 'done her business'.

There was a stream that ran through the park and you could go tubing - IF you could stand the cold water.

Pretty country and we did ride around some, went to the grocery store - but mostly sat out on our chairs and enjoyed the birds singing.

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