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Courtenay Place

Maori feature inside Te Papa

View over Wellington

Cable Car

Parliament buildings and the Beehive

Civic Centre

Sunset over City

I landed in wellington and spent one night at a YHA hostel before venturing to the city suburb newtown to sleep on someones sofa for a couple of nights. a rather annoying american girl who i'd met in te anau had introduced me to a website called which allows you to email other members to see if u can stay at there house for a couple of nights. i ended up staying for four. it was a great experience and the people i stayed with (students/recent graduates) were real nice - also i got to go and see things that as a tourist i would never have known were there. one evening i went to this backstreet bar to watch a cuban guitarist, the next to the movies to watch this amnesty international film during the human rights film festival and the final night i was briefly in someones backgarden for a weird house party.

Wellington itself is a pretty great city, especially along the waterfront. te papa - the national museum was pretty impressive with a diverse range of exhibits - since it was free i ended up going there 3 out of the 5 days i was in wellington. admittedly the third was only to redeem the free cup of tea i'd recieved for filling out a survey. upon redemption i also bought a cake only to be given two pieces for the same price, however the ladys frown as i asked for a splodge of cream to give it a bit of moisture hinted that i may have been pushing my luck.

in keeping with my trip, i also visited the art museum which was pretty weird. i sat there watching this finnish film for 10 minutes which basically involved a timid lady walking round the zoo looking at animals, then running off when they returned her gaze. it was interrupted frequently by footage of people wrestling underwater, before evenmtually the woman walked into a zoo pond, immersed herself in the water and drowned. crazy stuff.

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