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Arrived in San Christobel de las Casas after a 10hr bus ride...crossed the border at the crazy chaotic town of La Mesilla with no problems and arrived in Mexico!

First impressions of the country weren't really that great and not sure how much i like it yet!...everywhere looked so rich and civilised compared to Guatemala that think will take a little getting used to..lots of expensive looking cars everywhere, better roads and even little things so different like there being soap and paper towels in all the public toilets! It's like stepping back into civilisation....not to mention how much more expensive it is..but that is expected i suppose as it is a much richer country.

The mexican spanish is also very hard to understand!..Just as i was getting a little bit of confidence about my abilities i come to mexico and they speak SO fast...i can hardly understand a word anyone says so is a bit depressing....the guatemalans speak so slowly and clearly which i think is why so many people go there to learn...well maybe i'll get used to it but not holding out much hope now of ever being able to hold a decent conversation!!

San Christobel is beautiful though. it's a lovely colonial town and really reminded me of antigua, although it's much bigger...i had a walk around but didn't want to do too much as i'm coming back here in a couple of weeks with the girls so will explore properly then...i was also pretty tired after the journey and not looking forward to the 20hr bus ride the next day to cancun, so decided just to stay at the hostel and chill out...was feeling a bit depressed and really missing guatemala and all my friends i'd left in san pedro, but not too bad as knew emma and laura would be arriving in a couple of days and really looking forward to seeing them...

..then another perfect timing arrival by one of my friends andy - a scottish guy i knew from san pedro - walked into the room...he'd said he might be in san christobel that night but i wasn't sure and then not only was he in the same hostel but the same dorm as me! i soon cheered up and we and another american guy called jo went out for some food..and then onto a bar for lots of 2 for 1 cocktails and free salsa lessons....i also discovered how much nicer tequila is here than at all in all a pretty drunken night and now i like mexico much more!...

...although, the men here are DISGUSTING..have never seen so much greasy slick-backed hair in my life and they are so sleazy it's foul never known anything like it!...i was sitting in the bar and even though i was with another guy it didn't stop 5 different men coming up to me and telling me how beautfiul i was...gross!...dread to think what it'll be like with ems and lauz here too next week!!!

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