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There's not much to report since on Thursday I spent 16 hours on a train from Brisbane to Sydney. The train left the Brisbane Transit Centre at 6.30am, so I was up at 5am to check out and walk to the station. I didn't get much sleep due to an annoying child on the train who kept banging on windows and shouting at the top of his voice. However, did get some nice food, including morning tea (scone with jam and cream) which was served at 10.15am and the same for afternoon tea around 4pm. So, now I know when the appropriate times are to eat them, hehe.

Friday I went to the AIFS headquarters to pick up post, which included my Scuba diving stuff and a parcel of presents (ooh, how exciting!). The Scuba diving stuff included a DVD that was nearly 3 hours long, so I asked if I could watch it at HQ as I didn't know where else I could go, I was told to come back after 2pm, which I did, and thankfully could watch it uninterrupted, very interesting, but a lot to take in. I also have to complete a knowledge manual before Tuesday when the course starts, so have been working on that for a bit on Friday and that's pretty much all I've done today! Which is almost like being back at Uni, taking notes and learning, something I'm a bit out of practice with, but never mind! Everyone else in the hostel is probably wondering what I'm doing, sitting out in the courtyard making notes from books! Hehe. But it's very interesting, and I'm really looking forward to Tuesday.

Well, tonight there was a BBQ on at the hostel for $5, which included food and drink, I went along, as well as a few people from my room, it was really good, talked to a lot of people, maybe it's because this is quite a small hostel, but it's definately one of the friendliest I've been to whilst travelling. And now many people know what I've been doing when I've been sitting making notes and reading all day.

Well, it's time I was off to bed, all this reading about Scuba diving makes me tired, I expect next week will be exhausting! The course actually starts on the day of my birthday which is cool - that's the 12th for those of you who have forgotten! ;-)

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