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The "4 Heads" as Charlene puts it!

Charlene's Favorite Exhibit

Well, the drive from Sundance has taken us through Deadwood, Sturgis and Rapid City. We are so glad we weren't here during the bike ralley! I hear there were over 600,000 bikes and over a million people.

It's quiet now in Hill City, although we were met with a hail storm as we headed out of Rapid City. The dime sized hail sounded like rocks hitting the top of the RV. The storm has passed and we are looking forward to a trip to Mt. Rushmore tomorrow.

Monday 8/21/06

Mt. Rushmore was "epic"! Rod and I have seen the documentary on it, but nothing compares to seeing it first hand. We took a Ranger guided walk and he explained who the figures are and why they were chosen by Borglum (the artist). It's been a long time since I studied any American History and this sure beat any class I attended or book I read. Sculpture was the one medium I didn't get in to during my years of studying art. I'm always impressed with anyone who can sculpt the human figure, but to take it to this magnitude just blew my socks off! The exhibits at the museum are great - all the tools and endless photos and Charlene's favorite - blowing up the dynomite that helped create so much of this amazing sculpture.

Gather the kids and share this with them. This creation took 14 years and 400 men to complete. While some injuries did occur there was no loss of life and work was provided at a time when this country was suffering through the Great Depression. The figure on the right of course is George Washington. He was chosen because he is the first President and Father of our country. The next one is Thomas Jefferson. He was chosen because of his vision and contribution to the growth of our country in particular for implementing the Louisiana Purchase where land was bought from Napoleon which resulted in doubling the size of the colonies. Abraham Lincoln is on the far right and was chosen because he was a self-made man. He learn to read and continued to educate himself through reading all the way up to taking and passing the bar exam to become a lawyer. He is also recognized for his humantiarian efforts to abolish slavery in this country. And last but not least is Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was chosen for his efforts to protect and preserve special places in our country now known as our National Parks. There is alot more information I could impart, but I will stop here and just say...Come here, bring the kids, stay awhile and take it all in!

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