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Sadly, today we must leave The Sukhothai (but not before making return reservations). We stored our luggage and, as we had about 4 hours to kill before our flight, we spent the afternoon at Babylon getting some sun and having a spot of lunch. Did I mention that they have a full service spa? Joel got a 45 min. foot massage and I opted for the Thai massage. [Alas, no mani/pedi as that person does not work on Sundays]. Thai massage is great - your body is twisted and contoured to all sorts of positions with the masseuse using all of his or her body (not in that way....get your minds out of the gutter). You leave feeling limber, refreshed and relaxed. During lunch, we watched a really awful movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Meg Ryan. Meg dies and, we think, Robert goes on to cure The Plague in medieval Britain. We left way before the end. We had other countries to see.

We arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia around 8 PM after a rather smooth trip through customs and visa control even though we did not have pictures for our visa. We checked into the Golden Banana, a cute little guest house just over the river from the south part of town. We ventured out for some dinner at a place called "The Shrine to Angelina Jolie". Just kidding, but it is where the cast from Tomb Raider hung out a lot and Angelina did christen a new cocktail for them. She may have adopted a child there too but that's a bit fuzzy. There are pictures of her and the movie every where. We had a quite enjoyable time having some beers and watching the street scene (more on that tomorrow). We also went to a gay bar, which surprisingly enough for the third world was kind of crowded. Apparently, it is owned by a guy from San Francisco who retired early and bought the bar. Joel was busy making new friends and I was desperately trying to stumble through a few key phrases of Khmer. We went back to the Golden Banana rather early as we had a next two days planned seeing the sights.

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