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Michelle at the Plain of jars, Phonosavanh, Laos

Plain of Jars - Phonosavan, Laos

More jars

Tree growing through a jar


Cute kids in a village

From Luang Prabang we took a sickening (for Michelle and about ½ the locals) bus trip up and down and round and round to Phonsovan. The place itself was a dirty ghost town. The purpose for the trip was to tour the 'Plain of Jars' and to finally to get Michelle's bank card which was sent to a family friend there by her mom. (We just found out that the cards are now on their way back to Canada as they never actually made it there. We've no idea why) The Plain of Jars is a large area outside of town where huge Jars made of stone (the biggest weights 6 tons) are scattered. Their origin is not truly known but some believe they were burial plots from the 4th century. It made for a good day trip. Just one day in Phonsovan after a brutal 8 hour bus ride up and we left the day after for Vang Vien.

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