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Today we moved base from Torquay to Sparkwood just east of Yeovil. We are making our way east again as the coach was due into Gold RV in Alton on the 15 October for its MOT and a few other issues.

We received several responses from Tiffin. One stated "This looks like the floor delamination that we have been doing here at the factory. This will have to have the slide room removed and an upgraded metal framed floor changed out. This is covered for 6 years from original date of purchase." Our coach was made in 2010.

In looking at the Tiffin Owners Network it looks as if this was another one of Tiffin poor quality build problems on a high proportions of their motorhomes now coming to light.

Our e-mail correspondence with Tiffin resulted in them agreeing to send the necessary new upgraded metal framed floor and providing Gold RV was confident they could do the work, support them in undertaking the changeout. They estimate it will take at a minimum of 16 to 20 hours based on how long it is taking them at Red Bay.

We had planned to head south in Europe from the beginning of November but looks like we might be spending some more time in England!

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